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With an ever-increasing emphasis on exercise and diet for individuals around the world, it becomes necessary to find new and innovative means to provide support for these wellness-related practices. WellnessRules (WR) is a new use case created with Rule Responder (RR) with the intention of forming an online- interactive wellness community.

As in Friend of a Friend (FOAF), people can choose a (community-unique) nickname and create semantic profiles about themselves, specifically their wellness practices, for their own planning and to network with other people supported by a system that `understands' those profiles.

These profiles can currently be written in either POSL or N3, which are handled by the engines OO jDREW and Euler respectively. Therefore, the interoperation between Prolog and N3 is realized via this unique use case.

WellnessRules has been further developed in WellnessRules2.

Other RR instantiations are available through the Rule Responder home page.

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