5th International Symposium on Rules


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RuleML-2011 Semantic Tools

Mobile RuleML-2011 App

All data of RuleML-2011 has been published as RDF meta data on the website and also on the Semantic Web Dog Food repository. This Mobile RuleML-2011 App consumes the meta data and provides information about authors, papers, sessions and Twitter news.


Designed by Alvaro Graves, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Symposium Planner 2011

SymposiumPlanner is a distributed rule-based semantic agent system for supporting the RuleML Symposia by coordinating personal agents that assist the symposium chairs, answering questions from participants interested in the symposium. Distributed rule agents in Symposium Planner 2011 are implemented as Prova agents and OO jDREW agents which communicate via the Reaction RuleML interchange standard. Symposium Planner 2011 consults the knowledge not only from its semantic knowledge repository, but also from the public Semantic Web Dog Food meta data repository.

Symposium Planner 2011 User Client allows users issuing queries to the SymposiumPlanner agents with the Symposium Planner interface in HTML forms or in a controlled natural language and receive answers.

Query Selection

The drop-down boxes show sample queries you -- via the External Agent -- can send to the RuleML-2011 Organizational Agent. These examples can also act as initial templates that you can edit to create your own queries.

Symposium Planner Organizational Agent

Sub-Organizational Agent (@IJCAI)

Sub-Organizational Agent (@BRF)

Sources Used by SymposiumPlanner-2011

SymposiumPlanner Organizational Agent:

  • Prova Knowledge Base [Prova]
  • Role Assignment Matrix [OWL]

RuleML-2011@IJCAI Organizational Agent:

  • Prova Knowledge Base [Prova]
  • Role Assignment Matrix [OWL]
  • RuleML-2011@IJCAI Metadata [RDFS]

RuleML-2011@IJCAI General Chair Agent:

RuleML-2011@IJCAI Publicity Chair Agent:

RuleML-2011@IJCAI Liaison Chair Agent:

RuleML-2011@IJCAI Program Chair Agent:

RuleML-2011@IJCAI Web Chair Agent:

RuleML-2011@BRF Organizational Agent:

  • Prova Knowledge Base [Prova]
  • Role Assignment Matrix [OWL]

RuleML-2011@BRF General Chair Agent:

RuleML-2011@BRF Publicity Chair Agent:

RuleML-2011@BRF Liaison Chair Agent:

RuleML-2011@BRF Program Chair Agent:

RuleML-2011@BRF Web Chair Agent: