Rule Responder

Use this text form to send a query in Reaction RuleML format to the RuleML-2010 Organizational Agent:

The drop-down box shows sample queries you -- as an External Agent -- can send to the RuleML-2010 Organizational Agent. The agent names inside the square brackets designate the agent each query is sent to. These examples can also act as initial templates that you can edit to create your own queries.

Sources Used by SymposiumPlanner-2010

Emerald Rule Responder:

  • Rule Responder (mirror) [HTML]

Organizational Agent:

  • Prova Knowledge Base [Prova]
  • Role Assignment Matrix [OWL]

General Chair Agent:

Publicity Chair Agent:

Liaison Chair Agent:

Program Chair Agent:

SymposiumPlanner Chair Agent:

DR-DEVICE PublicityChair Agent: