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Rule Responder is a tool for creating virtual organizations as multi-agent systems that support collaborative teams on the Semantic Web. It provides the infrastructure for rule-based collaboration between the distributed members of such a virtual organization. Human members of an organization are assisted by semi-autonomous rule-based agents, which use Semantic Web rules to describe aspects of their owners' derivation and reaction logic.

Each Rule Responder instantiation employs three classes of agents, an Organizational Agent (OA), Personal Agents (PAs), and External Agents (EAs). The OA represents goals and strategies shared by its virtual organization as a whole, using a global rule base that describes its policies, regulations, opportunities, etc. Each PA assists a single person of the organization, (semi-autonomously) acting on his/her behalf by using a local knowledge base of derivation rules defined by the person. Each EA uses a Web (HTTP) interface, accepting queries from users and passing them to the OA.

The OA employs an OWL ontology as a "responsibility assignment matrix" to find a PA that can handle an incoming query. The OA uses reaction rules to send the query to this PA, receive its answer(s), do validation(s), and send answer(s) back to the EA.

This site contains links to 4 use cases of the Rule Responder system. WellnessRules supports and helps organize a community's wellness related practices. WellnessRules2 expands on upon the original WellnessRules with features such as a dynamic weather system. SymposiumPlanner assists with the RuleML-20xy Symposia by providing chair members with their own personal agents which answer queries on their behalf. PatientSupporter helps patients form self-help groups for their sports related injuries.

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